Chapter Wish Stories

  • I wish to go to Italy

    When you are a teenager, you never think that illness will be knocking at your door. However, that is exactly what happened to Noam. In 2015, cancer invited itself into his life without warning.

  • I wish to go on a shopping spree in New York City

    Ever heard of Sex in the City? That is the experience Coralie envisioned to have with her best friend.

  • I wish to climb a volcano!

    At 18 years old, you shouldn’t have had to come close to death. However, that is what happened to Ashan over the summer when he was 16.

  • I wish to go to Rome

    Claire is a typical 17 year old teenager. She likes Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, playing Xbox and loves iced cappuccinos. Her passion that distinguishes her; literature.