I wish to go to Italy

When you are a teenager, you never think that illness will be knocking at your door. However, that is exactly what happened to Noam. In 2015, cancer invited itself into his life without warning. Ever since, he regularly goes to treatments and constantly fights against his villain enemy. He does it brilliantly while maintaining his positivity. 

To offer Noam a well-deserved break and strength to keep fighting his illness, Make-A-Wish Quebec granted his greatest wish to go to Italy. This teenager explained to his wish granters his passion for history and that he wanted to see all the things he read about in books, in real life.
The morning of October 16th 2017, his wish became a reality. Noam and his family jetted off to Julius Caesar’s home country. The Make-A-Wish Quebec team had prepared him with an itinerary of the most beautiful places to visit in the country; Rome, Pompei, Florence and Venise.
As an amateur photographer, Noam took advantage of these beautiful cities and snapped pictures of the most majestic landmarks; the Coliseum, the tower of Pisa, the Trevi Fountain, the streets of Venice and many other historic buildings. According to Noam’s mother, the excursion to Pompei was the highlight of their trip. They were accompanied by a guide for the duration of their visit in the tourist-filled city. 

His wish granters met up with him after his trip and they discovered a new teenager. Not loquacious and very reserved during their first visit, he was now talkative and demonstrative. For 2 hours, he explained everything he had seen, done and loved of his trip. The wish experience transformed his fear into confidence, his sadness into joy and his anxiety into hope.

Thank you to Construction Tyron Inc. for helping us grant Noam’s wish!

Thank you to our partners Sony, TuGo, Flight Centre & Airbnb for makingthis wish trip so special!